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Multi Restaurant Application

The “Multi Restaurant Application” is the ready-made complete solution for a mobile food delivery marketplace that supports both android and iOS with the same PHP Backend. With this application, we can add multiple restaurants and their food items. Once we create a restaurant the restaurant admin will get separate login access to manage their restaurant. They can add their food items, customize the menus, and add their discounts.

The user will get a better user experience with this application, and they can easily order the food and also they can pre- book the tables in the restaurants. Some of the features are listed below. iOS/Android App Features, includes Selected Categories, Sub Categories and Foods, Food Search and Filter, Food Details, Add To Cart, Basket Management, Checkout Transaction, Discount Products, Coupon Discount, Foods Collection, User Favorite Product, User Login, Register and Logout, Facebook Login, Google Login, Phone Login, Apple Login, Multi- Language, Support RTL, Push Notification (FCM), Rating & Review, User Comment , Blog, Shipping Based On Area, PayPal Integrated, Stripe Integrated, About App, Integrated with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


HRMS software is a platform that manages many of the routine HR processes in an organization. It can perform a variety of functions including organizing and managing employee details, project management, leave management and final settlement, attendance, project summary, and company profit or loss report. Employee registration includes an option to enter personal details, salary details, contract, document upload, dependent details, etc.

Leave management includes the leave requests, approval, reject of different leave types like annual, unpaid, sick leave, etc. Project management includes project master, project invoice, project schedule, project task management, project summary, and company profit or loss report based on the project. Final settlement includes the option to enter settlement details like indemnity, vacation pay, deductions, etc… There is an option to enter attendance for each staff in their login, and attendance reports can be taken from the reports’ module. Payslip can be generated based on attendance and leaves taken by employees. There are reports like employee-related reports, project-related reports, user activity reports, payslip reports, leave reports, final settlement, and project summary reports. The main modules in human resource management software are dashboard, master, human resource, project, attendance, reports, administration. The dashboard will show the overall value of some details like total employees, leave requested, leave approved, leave rejected, project status, task status, etc. There is an option to set role-based privilege for users like admin, HR, employees, etc.
• Admin or Manager Dashboard
• HR Dashboard
• Employee Dashboard

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SayG Building Management System

SayG’s Building Management can also be linked to the full HR System. It helps manage apartment rentals, tenants, maintenance, furniture, and all employees. This Application has 4 types of users in its present state. An employee can access the system to know their jobs of the day or enter customer requests. An accountant can enter the system to start new contracts, enter tenant details, or enter rent received. A building manager can do everything plus assign jobs to employees and accountant.

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Food Server-Web Platform

Food Server is an online platform (website) which provide a wide variety of facilities to meet the needs of every restaurant. By registering into the food server, restaurant can choose one or more services according to their needs. Every restaurant will get (3 months) free trail for the chosen service. Restaurants will also have the option to cancel their subscription at any time. Some of the services such as QR Menu, Order By table are available.

Point of Sale

SayG giving the customers a point of sale (POS) Software, which is where a client executes the installment for products or administrations, and where deals assessments might become payable. A POS exchange might happen Offline or online, with receipts created either on paper or electronically. Cloud-based POS frameworks are turning out to be progressively mainstream among shippers.

The point of sale or point of purchase is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. At the point of sale, the merchant calculates the amount owed by the customer, indicates that amount, may prepare an invoice for the customer, and indicates the options for the customer to make payment The latest point of sale software goes beyond credit card processing to help retailers and restaurants incorporate mobile POS features and contactless payment options, eCommerce integration capabilities, and more.

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SayG Bright EDU

SayG Bright EDU is a school management system to manage all student’s data. It provides abilities such as registration of students in classes, documentation of grades of each student. In addition, we have a chatbot, parent portal, and e-learning facilities. Creating and managing timetables, attendance, and records of exams, assessments and academic progress makes up the key feature. Having a dynamic system with a clear view of data and reports can give the next level of power and quickness in decision-making for the principal and teachers.

Some of the features include:
• Processing inquiries from prospective students.
• Online classes.
• Student homework and classwork access.
• Staff Management System.
• Report Card Generation.
• Online Syllabus.
• Managing extra-curriculum activities and related services.
• Certificate generation.
• Yearly Calendar.
• Managing internal documents and workflows.
• Mobile App.
• Expenses.
• Reports.
• Live Chat.
• Lesson Progress Tracking.
• Complaints.
• Important Communication Access.
• Fees and Billing data analysis.
• Library Management System.
• Hostel Management System.
• Human Resources Services.
• Transport Management System.
• Accounting and Budgeting Services.
The school website provides extraordinary Management Dashboard and data reporting functions
along with a dynamic access rights mechanism which becomes a blessing for the management

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Identity Management System

The Identity Management System was built on a .net platform and exists to facilitate controlling employee access rights across different systems. This was one of the more challenging projects built by SayG and is currently in version 2 stage. We continually add improvement and wish that all large organizations add this layer of security to their systems.

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