Our Software outsourcing services allow other companies to benefit from our team’s specialist skills and expertise. We can work with other organizations under this umbrellas

Outsourced Staffing

We SayG have Expert and professional software engineers willing to join your existing staff, and work at your offices until the project is complete and delivery is done such that their fee is based upon an hourly or daily rate.

Dedicated Teams

We can outsource a full team of developers if your project is large that will allow you to have a tiered outsourcing plan that is flexible and you can cancel the commitment at the end of the desired project. Under this plan, our employees also work based upon an agreed hourly or daily rate.

Project-Based Model

We can also provide the option for our customers to develop the full project on their site such that the agreements are done for a lumpsum project paid by milestones. Staff working at a customer’s site will cost our customer as a result of the mobility requirements.