About Us

An International Technology Company That Builds Software For Organizations Of All Sizes

SayG W.L.L is a new generation software solutions company. Our products work on and with international platforms like Microsoft, IBM, AWS and connect to any international service that you wish to connect them to including; mobile apps, payment gateways, communication services, social media, etc. Our moto is innovation through simplification, where we listen to our customers and understand their problem, then offer the best and easiest solution to their issue. In other words, we will not try to sell you things you do not need. Our skillset and tiered team structures allow us to work on different sized projects simultaneously in a very well organized fashion to arrive at the outcomes that will help you achieve your goals.

What We Do

We have already developed in MySQL, SQL, .NET, PHP Laravel, PHP YII, WordPress (including Woocommerce), AWS, JAVA, Javascript and developed, native Mobile Apps, Hybrid Mobile Apps, Mobile Phone Games, Basic Websites, E-Commerce Websites, Point of Sale Systems (online and offline), Inventory control systems (online and offline), web platforms (Software as a service), built automatic linking of websites to whatsapp, to a chatbot or other social media. Worked on website advertisements (mostly through Google Ads, Facebook Ads including Instagram). Built payment gateways with local providers (credimax, and benefit), regional providers (tap) and international providers (paypal). We also built a very powerful Identity Management System that works on Microsoft Exchange Servers.

We enjoy listening to our customers and offering them solutions to their challenges. One of our solutions serves battered women as an application that is fully camouflaged to those who see it from the outside, but inside, it offers them a support line to volunteers. Volunteer versions of the application allow them to help women by sending them one or more of services sponsored by the society but does not allow the volunteers to gain access to the society credit card info. There were many challenges in developing this application including linking it to the other services under the society account only for volunteers on duty even though it was open for download online. This challenge required us to contact the various providers of the other services like food, transport, etc and to coordinate with them how to arrange the process. The providers of the other services also sponsored some of the services which made things even more complex for us. Because at the end, we needed to collect all data files and open case files per applicant for help.

The Identity Management System, on the other hand, required us to run a detailed analysis and study of the Microsoft platform and services running and to figure out how to complete with an international branded company in developing software that would deliver acceptable results at a fraction of the price quoted by the international brand. We worked carefully and meticulously and managed to succeed in delivering acceptable results. However, that was not enough for us, so we went back to our code and modified it again to raise its quality and level and recently released version 2. In fact, some of our codes, like e-commerce and point of sale, have already gone through many updates such that they’re very stable and already mitigate many of the issues that may arise. Our existing clients include; Ministry of Youth & Sports Bahrain, Ashraf’s, Shakeel Trading, Bahrain Pride, Junaid Perfumes, Vogue Bahrain, Ahli House, Unique Line Boutique, Wok Station, Majestic Properties, VAT Discuss, Everest Trading, Good News Church, Hydra Pro Trading, and many more on the list. We at SayG, are also partnered with Amazon Web Services, VAT Global, Golcer(GulfOne Lab for Computational & Economic Research), Lancaster University Management School, JK Consultancy, Clean Cloud, AJMS International Management Consultancy, Alatheer Consulting and many more.