Yes, we do offer free support and the period depends on the size of the project and if it is out of the box or modified.  Following that we offer an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) which is paid once per year so that we can support you if you any assistance during the year other than the addition of new modules or code.

We pride ourselves that we do not develop from scratch for every customer which mean that the code has gone past the level of simple errors and fixes to a stable version.  We have two basic types of products;

1st type: Out of the box fixed working code that delivers specific targets

2nd type: Out of the box code that is further customized for specific client needs

This allowed gathered expertise over the years and modifications of errors to accumulate such that the finished product, is of a very high quality.  We do cater for startups with novel ideas too.

If you want an out of the box product without any modification, it is usually a one day job to get it up and running provided all necessary space, equipment, etc is available and ready. 

If you want customization on our products, then we estimate it via calculating man-hours necessary for that customization and based upon that give you an estimate of the additional cost to the basic and the additional time required.

Our name SayG means truth in the Bahraini accent, so we are always truthful.  If you give us the responsibility, we will carry it and if you choose to move it elsewhere, we will happily oblige.

Our upgrades go first to our customers, so we will contact all customers of that product and inform them that an upgrade is available.  They also get a significant discount on future versions if they are existing customers and can choose not to install a specific upgrade.

We develop most of our products such that they can exist on the web, therefore, we work with international customers by supplying their software needs on the web.  In fact, we have two types of products;

1st type: An out-of-the-box solution that will be housed on our private server in an independent account and independent databases that give privacy for our elite customers.

2nd type: A platform that allows shared use of the same server space and same databases by all subscribing customers and this solution would naturally be cheaper.


Call us if that project uses any of the technologies we listed and if you have the code of that project.  We did help people before by talking to their original suppliers and collaborating with them to finalize their projects that are stuck at some stage or another. 

We welcome software suppliers and are willing to help them finalize requirements for project delivery because we pride ourselves with a 100% completion rate of projects.

Our Recomendations

Throughout the years, our employees have worked with a vast range of domain registrars and have had good and bad experiences with them.  Currently, we are working mostly with GoDaddy as a domain registrar as it helps us manage transfers more easily and reliably.

The domain hosting we currently recommend is Bluehost because they offer a better service and are more reliable than others.  We also work with AWS but that requires more expertise in dealing with the various features of the platform.

We do not know what will succeed for you, but we can advise you to check Google Trends, especially for your country, to study what people are searching for, as that may give you an idea at what services they need.

If you have any questions you can’t find the answers to on this page, or you are eager to discuss the project details before starting out cooperation, just contact us and we will gladly answer all your questions.

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