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Advertising Design – Signage

Business owners often ignore the importance of signage for grabbing the customers’ attention. The fact is that signage’s help drive the customers toward a business.  If a signage inside a store or outside of it is of an attractive design, then the viewers are immediately drawn to it. then, they may want to know about the company and business represented by the signage.

Advertising Design - Signage

The importance of placing an attractive advertisement somewhere on roadside or at a strategic place inside of a store is demonstrated by a small study taken to know how customers come to know about the local  business. The study has revealed that 35% customers saw a signage while passing, 29% always knew, 14% word of mouth, 10% advertising, 6% all other, and 7% don’t know.’’ Thus a majority of people notice a local business by seeing its signage while passing by. A similar study conducted by FedEx  showed that 76 percent of consumers visited a store they never knew existed based on a sign. Another 75 percent recommended a business based on signage alone.

Signs can be a great investment when it comes to marketing. It’s the most common method used to reaching thousands of potential customers, and the most cost-effective in comparison to other forms of advertising, such as radio, television and newspapers. Signs are visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, its exposure is prominent and continuous.

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